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The Labradoodle was originally developed in Australia to be a hypoallergenic guide dog. In 1989, Wally Conron, who was in charge of the breeding program for the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia, conducted the first purposeful crossbreeding between a Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever. After 33 trials and approximately two years after receiving the request, he bred his top-quality Labrador with a standard poodle. After a lot of screening, tests, and effort, the mating was successful. Although, the litter was very small, as it only brought three puppies.In the beginning, nobody wanted a crossbred puppy, but thanks to Conron’s great efforts, he made the Labradoodle one of the most iconic designer dogs nationally and internationally in 1989, and its popularity has only been growing in recent years. For example, it has been one of Britain’s most popular dogs.At first glance, Labradoodles are simply adorable. Their curly and beautiful coat, their sweet and lovely eyes and the complexion of their body. Nonetheless, there are more aspects to observe, especially if you want to start breeding Labradoodles.We try to obtain the perfect labradoodle body while breeding , which is The following characteristics define the ideal Labradoodle body: Top line is level with croup and a strong loin, Sprung ribs, Firm elbows,Shoulders possess good angulation, The ideal length to height ratio should be 10-12, The body must look firm and compact, The legs should be slightly longerTherefore, the Labradoodle is a galloping and sturdy dog thanks to the ideal composition of its body. These features apply to the three official types of Labradoodle: Standard, medium and mini.Their hair are primarily curly but since we breed F2 and F1b for them to shed less and be more hypoallergenic you can find traits of straight hair when the mature.We breed mainly standard and medium labradoodles, their size varies varies . Male Standard Labradoodles : Height: 22-24 inchesWeight: 50-65 pounds, Medium Labradoodles : Height: 21-23 inches Weight: 50-65 pounds. Female : Standard Labradoodles, Height: 18-20 inches Weight: 30-45 pounds, Medium Labradoodles Height: 17-19 inchesWeight: 30-45 pounds.They are highly intelligent and can be easily trained not just for show competitions but also for service.One of the reasons why the Labradoodle is so popular nowadays is thanks to its lovely temperament, which makes it an ideal companion and family dog.Ideal OwnerThanks to the personality traits of this breed, the Labradoodle is suitable for:People who love the outdoors and have big yards or spacious areas at home, They are Excellent watchdogs, Magnificent service dogs (guiding, blood sugar alert, therapy, etc.)Consider that these dogs have plenty of energy and they need physical exercise on a daily basis, as well as lots of playtimes. Therefore, these dogs cannot be left alone for a long time nor live in secluded spaces.


Welcome to our website, Cute labradoodle Family.We are a family team of 4, expert breeders and raisers of labradoodle puppies. Me my wife and 2 children have been doing so for 12 years now living on our 5,6 acres ranch.We breed medium to standard labradoodle puppies but not mini labradoodles.When breeding labradoodles, we focus on temperament, Health, and Coat. it is very important to have healthy labradoodles , free of any genetic diseases and resistant to diseases common in dogs and labradoodles. We make sure pedigrees of all parents of our f1b or f2 labradoodles are crosschecked and we pick the strongest fittest labradoodles for breeding. To make sure our offsprings are genetically disease resistant. While many believe Temperament is passed through genetically, we emphasize that it is better taught into a dog when they are still young, we do that by using early neurological stimulation a technique used by the military to socialize dogs at an early age. They are all born into our home, from a young age we make sure we expose them to various sounds and take them out regularly to get them accustomed to different conditions and scenarios. We make them do play drills with our kids and our Cat looney, make them visit animal parks and see other animal species. Our labradoodles have the best temperament in the country and would uplift you and your family’s mood instantly. Our years of breeding labradoodles have made us noticed that most people want hypoallergenic labradoodles, so we concentrated our efforts on breeding F2 labradoodles, F1b with poodles as the second generation Bitch for their coat, F2b labradoodles. So all our labradoodles are hypoallergenic and have minimum shedding. All our puppies are at least 10 weeks old before they go out to new families which we have screened and handpicked. By that time, they would have been vaccinated, AKC registered, Insured, dewormed and current on shots. They would have received basic potty training, know the difference between their crate and toilet. You can request their pedigree for an additional fee. We offer a personalised manual to help and guide first time owners on how to raise their puppy to maturity. A free crate and dog collar is also offered. We give a 1 year health and genetic Guarantee.


All our dogs are born, raised and live in our house as a part of our family, kenneling dogs is against our philosophy of dog ownership. Our hounds have 24 hours a day access to the one acre-big securely fenced back yard via a dog door and they all live as one pack.


Our mission is to produce wonderful indoor companion pets for other dog lovers like our family, by developing our puppies’ homebody qualities, luxurious coats​ (which come in many unique colors & sizes), and overall family-oriented wonderful companion pet traits in our unique puppies for pet homes bloodline”.

Our puppies are raised with love and care and are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old!


Thank you so much for my lovely puppy 🙂 She is so fluffy, energic and so much beautiful! We call her Anie. She is only the second day with us and already became a family honey! She loves running in the garden with our second dog Jerry. Jerry is quite jealous of her, but I think they will become best of friends in a few days 🙂 I will send you more photos and videos in the evening With love.
Samantha Haley
Hi, just wanted to let you know that Ela is doing so good here. She got to hang out with me and my wife for about an hour before bedtime, and then she went to sleep in her new crate with no problems. Not a single peep out of her all night. She was then greeted by the boys at 6:00 a.m. This morning, and loved them instantly! They have been talking, petting, and playing toys with her all day. Thanks so much for the wonderful pup, we just adore her. I have enclosed a couple of pics for you, and will send some more again soon. Have a great day.
Johanna Watts
He did well last night. He slept in his kennel downstairs with the girls. They were soooo excited to meet him. They had tears. He doesn’t have a name yet-cant make up their minds. He loves to play with the other two dogs. He is eating, drinking well. The girls are taking him throughout the day in school here to meet their friends. All is great here. Thanks again for the little guy and we will let you know his name when they decide.
Micheal Stahl
We picked up a happy, healthy puppy about four months ago, and we absolutely love her. The owner is a very responsible breeder, who cares about the long-term health of the breed and clearly loves all his dogs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get another dog.
Susan Moore

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